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Martina is a versatile Maltese singer with a rich musical background. Growing up in a family of musicians, she honed her skills by taking piano lessons from her father, renowned brass virtuoso Paul Borg. Martina's journey into the world of music began with vocal studies under the guidance of Joshua Alamu, a prominent UK-based vocal coach. She made her debut with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra and later became a resident singer on national television.

Martina's musical journey led her to London, where she pursued higher education in vocals and songwriting at the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM). During her time in the UK, she collaborated with various DJs and developed her songwriting abilities. Her rise to prominence came in 2013 when she signed with the independent UK label Coast Music. Her debut release, "Rise," featuring her captivating vocals, soared up the charts, receiving wide acclaim and support from renowned DJs.


Martina's ability to deliver a diverse range of music styles and her impressive vocal talents make her a remarkable artist, ready to captivate audiences with her versatility and passion for music.

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